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From the Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired

  • Ways to label medications:

    • Use a pill organizer

    • Label with different colors of tape

    • Use rubber bands around certain prescription bottles

    • Mark bottle with large print

  • Putting toothpaste on your toothbrush:

    • Put toothpaste on your finger and then place it on the toothbrush

    • Use toothpaste in a pump

    • Squirt toothpaste directly into your mouth

    • Squeeze toothpaste into a widemouth jar and dip toothbrush into it as needed

  • Keeping track of phone numbers you use frequently:

    • Try to memorize numbers

    • Put each number on and index card in bold print

  • Telling the difference between shampoo and conditioner:

    • Put rubber bands around one bottle

    • Paint one bottle cap

    • Label in large print

  • How to organize your money:

    • Coins: there are ridges around quarters and dimes, but the edges of nickels and pennies are smooth

    • Bills: keep the bills folded in various ways - i.e. $1's kept straight, $5's folded once, and $10's folded twice

  • Writing checks:

    • Use large print checks available at all banks

    • Use a check-writing guide made especially to fit over your checks

    • Use a closed circuit television

  • Putting a plug in an outlet:

    • Put bright tape around the outlet

    • Replace wall socket and light switch covers with colored covers in contrast to the wall color.

  • How to see the food better on your plate or beverage in your glass:

    • Pour liquids into contrasting colored containers. i.e. coffee in a white mug or milk in a dark mug.

    • Serve food on a contrasting colored disk

    • Put salt and pepper in clear dispensers so you can see the color difference.

    • Avoid busy patterns in tablecloths

    • Use a liquid leveler, which makes a buzzing sound when the liquid is level

    • When reaching for an item, keep fingers and hand close to tablecloth to avoid over-turning glass

  • Setting dials on your appliances:

    • Use tactile markings at different settings on the washer or stove

    • Put brightly colored tape on dials

    • Have a good lighting system around the appliance - keep a flashlight handy.

    • Hand-held magnifiers sometimes helpful

  • Safety ideas for the kitchen:

    • Use scissors more often than knives (cutting pizza, chopping etc)

    • Use muffin tins for baking potatoes, as it is easier to locate and remove the tin from the oven

    • Organize ingredients and utensils on a try when cooking

  • Cleaning tips:

    • Store all cleaning supplies in a bucket and carry it with you when cleaning

    • Wear an apron with large pockets when cleaning to keep supplies in

    • Use an old pair of cotton gloves or socks over your hand to dust

  • Sewing tip :

    • A magnet can be used to pick up dropped needles or pins

    • Have several needles threaded with different colored thread to keep on hand

    • When sewing on a button that is the same color as the garment, put tissue paper between the fabric to show contrast

    • To sew a straight seam on a sewing machine, use a magnetic seam guide or put masking tape on the machine as a guide

    • When threading self-threading needles or using wire loop needle-threader, anchor the needle in a cork or a bar of soap