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Michiana Eye Center’s South Bend location offers a wide variety of Low Vision Devices. We carry products made by both Eschenbach and Enhanced Vision, both of which are leaders in the industry.

Hand-Held Magnifiers - These are the most common low vision devices, often known as "magnifying glasses." They come in many shapes and sizes and range in power and size. These magnifiers are available as pocket magnifiers that fold up, and battery powered lighted magnifiers.

Stand Magnifiers - These are magnifiers mounted on a stand that sit flat on the reading material and can be moved across the page to see each line of print. They also range in power and size and usually contain a bright light to illuminate the reading material.

Absorptive Filters - These can be worn over regular prescription glasses, and regulate the wavelengths of light that enter the eye. They eliminate harmful Ultraviolet rays and glare, while increasing contrast and helping with the transition between light and dark surroundings. They can be worn both indoors and outdoors.

Video-Magnifiers (Closed Circuit Television Systems) - A video magnifier uses a video camera focused on the reading material and projects the image onto a video screen, such as a TV. These are invaluable to patients with severe vision loss due to the high range of magnification and large reading area. These can be used for reading, writing, taking care of bills, documents and checks, looking at photographs, or doing crafts. Video magnifiers are available in black and white or full color. Some units use an enclosed TV while others are portable and can be used with any TV. We have several units in stock for you to work with and over 12 models are available.

Telescopes - Telescopes are used for seeing things at a distance. They can be binocular (focused for both eyes) or monocular (for use with only one eye). These can be hand held, ground into your glasses, or worn over your own spectacles.

High Powered Reading Glasses - These are glasses prescribed specifically for reading. They have very high-powered magnifying lenses in both eyes or one eye depending on the patient's vision. The higher power requires the patient to hold the reading material closer to the eye than normal. They also contain prisms to help the eyes focus together.

Other Adaptive Devices - There is a wide range of adaptive devices available to make daily activities easier for people with low vision. These devices include talking watches and alarm clocks, large print phones, check writing guides, large-print playing cards, computer magnifying screens and many more.